Hi and welcome to my website!

Here you will find 2 complete albums of my original songs... (which is only a very small collection of my music!)

1. Mystery - 12 songs + with one free song download on signup 

2. Redemption - 12 songs & 2 bonus instrumental tracks + 1 free song download on signup 

Music has always been an avenue of escape for me... from the myriad of circumstances and situations with which life may find me... from the deepest emotional valley to the pinnacle of excitement in life's most precious moments... through some of my most agonising personal trials... and to my secret places of soul searching and meditation where I find peace and inner strength to go on...

It is my sincere desire that you will find hope and comfort, as I have, as you visit with me on this musical journey...

I regularly write and perform new songs, and am planning to record new music soon!

Please sign up to my mailing list if you would like updates of when new music is available and upcoming performances...

Stay tuned :-)

many blessings

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